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Like sands through the hourglass – These are the days of the Desert Nights Camp


2015-16 were a record years for Oman’s tourism. Preserving Oman’s natural surroundings and culture has enabled it to keep the spirit of “Old Arabia” Muscat’s international Airport is undergoing an expansion which will increase the capacity by 12 million visitors per year. Just 2 hours inland of Muscat, Sitting snugly between 2 rolling red Omani desert sand dunes in the heart of Wahiba Sands, lay the Desert Nights Camp that rests just 11km from the village of Al Wasil. 

We were excited as we were greeted upon entry by camels that lined the sandy track, a hidden paradise of Luxury Desert ‘Tents’ also appear. The Camp has a calmness to it surrounded by the dramatic energy of the harsh yet serene desert environment. The individual luxury villas give guests privacy and quiet relaxing time. It is certainly a treat to be in an Arabian style villa with air conditioning. 

The staff were most friendly and helpful with the booking process prior to arriving in the country and everything while onsite was seemless and stress free.

Horus our all seeing eye in the sky took off and landed like a military helicopter in the sand on a mission to explore the skies and surrounding desert. She saw things like 4×4’s powering up the sand dunes to let adventurous travellers take to the dunes with sand boards and toboggans. There were rippling sand dunes as far as her eye could see, and then down below was the very neatly laid out villas of the camp with an all you can eat restaurant in the centre. 

We were later taken to the top of the dunes overlooking the camp to embrace and enjoy the Arabian summer sunset with cold beverages and snacks supplied by our friendly guides and host. The evening meal had a variety of foods from some traditional style dishes, desserts, fresh juices and other drinks with common western foods with the sounds of live music from a local Arabian group. Breakfast was served from 7.30 am and camel rides after breakfast. 

What was most mind blowing was the 5 year old boy that was very confidently and calmly walking and guiding the camels with his older brother. 

The Desert Nights Camp will leave long lasting memories

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