From turtles to camels, from sea to sand, welcome to Wahiba Sands.
Arriving to the Desert night camp it’s like arriving in an other world.
Given that Oman is one of the safest countries in the world we didn’t think twice to leave a Mercedes behind by itself in the middle of nowhere. The camp’s driver drove us inland to the desert camp by a comfortable 4×4. Later we arrived to a place where time stood still even though the small camp had luxurious and modern yet bedouin style tents which were more like little houses air conditioned, spacious and decorated with beautiful Arabic designs. The whole ‘camp’ ground was pristine clean, from the accommodation to reception and indoor/outdoor restaurant areas. We only saw two kind of animals in the camp, camels that were kept clean as well and one camel spider. As an aragnophobic when I saw one running through the bbq area and the staff was already onto it I wanted to find out about insects and their poisonous nature. Camel spiders are fairly big creatures but harmful while scorpions are venomous but they are seasonal. Lucky they were not in season while we were there so I had no problem laying on the bean bag outside underneath the stars with a light breeze at night. Like in any desert temperature goes high from about 10am and starts cooling down at sunset so all the activities are either at sunset or between 6-10am in the morning. We had to leave the camp early the next mornig so we asked whether we can do sandboarding in the afternoon. They arranged a driver for us who took us up on the dunes for another private experience however the brand new sand boards needed a lot of wax to be able to slide well in the hot sand.
Other activities at the camp include dune bashing, sunset camel riding, souk, bedouin village visits, etc.
They are pretty much all private programs. Staying in the Desert Night Camp will give you the real desert experience, it never gets crowded. In the whole camp we had 12 people altogether spread out. Dinner was delicious, had a nice variety of meals and bbq. Which is all part of the package. Alcohol can be purchased separately, but no shisha. It was a great dining experience with live music in the desert after watching sunset from the top of the sand dunes. Next morning the weather was cooler and foggy and after breakfast we were ready to jump on those humps of the camels. We were guided by a cute little boy and his brother. When we were ready to depart the driver was available right away to take us out of the camp, back to the car. Will be back for a longer stay next time! If you are after quality and real private experience in the desert look no further than the Desert Night Camp.