From civilization to ‘desertization’ today we arrived to the Headland of Small Huts – Ras Al Khaimah. When we saw mountains emerging through dust we were reminded our day’s itinerary – Jabal Sais – the arid planes and dramatic rock face mountains. When we pulled over and tried to remember the correct spelling of the mountain to put it into the GPS a car pulled up next to us asking whether we needed help. Another example how friendly people are here.

First we sent Horus – the All Seeing Eye up to look around while the sun was setting then we realized there is a road leading up to the top so we maneuvered up quickly on the twisty-turvy roads while there was still light. I was testing the wheels on the car while Ashleigh made good use of the sun-roof while getting some amazing footage.

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel majestically greeted us upon our return. The mistaken location for dinner resulted in a personal guided tour of the 3 year old, soon to be 7 star hotel. We both felt the welcoming Arabian energy and instantly fell in love with it. After we had dinner in the correct location, we went back to the Waldorf Astoria’s 17th floor 17 Square Lounge bar to enjoy a drink.. It was a great location however we chose to take the outdoor ground floor option with Shisha. On the way down we met a rather animated and characteristic local that was ‘slightly intoxicated’. A friendly man with a jolly chuckle.

Once outside enjoying our Mojito and Singapore Sling with cherry shisha our dear friend was telling us that draught beer was no good and gave him a head ache in very broken English. The beautiful warm Arabian night with low light, stars above and a warm breeze was filled with laughter and great repetitive conversations with our friend. As the traditional generosity continues, he proceeded to invite us to join him for ‘drinky drinky drinky’ and food. As friendly and harmless as he was, we chose to retire for the evening ready for the next day of adventure, windy roads and the following location on the xpedition.