We said goodbye to Abu Dhabi this morning from the guinness record holder furthest leaning tower Hyatt Capital Gate then we drove to Dubai. We arrived at the Dubai Marina where we stepped out of the crisp 22 degree air conditioning into the swealtering 42 degree summer at “The Beach”. The short lived experience was concluded with an ice cold beverage before we disembarked to the elegant Palm island’s most outter reaches by the Persian Gulf. Waving at the 7 star Burj Al Arab on the way we headed to Madinat Jumeirah – a traditional souk selling beautiful authentic persian gifts.

Then came the `world’s biggest`- the biggest shopping centre The Dubai Mall, and the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa and it’s dancing fountain show. Next to it is my favourite Palace hotel featuring my favorite style of timber and Arabian work.
It took us about 20 mins to escape from the carpark then we needed to race to the dinner cruise. After relaxed Abu Dhabi it was a bit hectic to drive in Dubai. The boat didn’t leave without us, we had on board entertainment, delicious food and heat cruising down the Deira.

My personal opinion hasn’t changed since last year. Dubai is a futuristic city with the latest architecture designs and even though it’s really built up and often resembles a concrete jungle much of it is still a construction site. Not hard to imagine that the present will be at least tripled. All these developments up must bring a big influx of people in the city, and tourism is what the city relies on as they are running out their black gold supply. Abu Dhabi on the other hand has the oil and a healthy balance between modernity and tradition. It is a lot more structured and has a better layout with the Corniche, the underpass and the green parks.

Most travellers visit Dubai on their Middle Eastern visit. I would highly suggest to add Abu Dhabi to the list.