Our second day began with navigating through the city and trying to ditch the speed cameras on the way to Pilates that was in the wrong location!

After I woke up I dressed up as if I was to go to work, I had a booking for a reformer Pilates class, would have been just perfect for my back, but no Pilates and no massage for Naomi as it turns out the studio only has floor Pilates in that beach club. Anyways, at least we had a look on Saadiyat (Happiness) island. Beautiful white sandy beaches, turquoise water. It was way too hot even for the beach. 42 degrees in the shade. Beautiful residential complexes and golf club on the island.

Since we postponed our breakfast reservation in the leaning tower we went to find our favourite local Lebanese eatery hidden in the heart of the city. I double dosed on my favorite manakish and tried some real hummus.

All ready for the day we set the GPS to the mosque, loads of search results, nearly every single street has one. The prayers emanate from in between the high rises giving the modern city a traditional atmosphere.

Driving out of the city the majestic building of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque emerges with its white marble domes. It is open to visitors outside of prayer times, with appropriate dress codes. Women need to be fully covered up with abajas. The modern islamic mosque has tiles with traditional geometric patterns, floral designs, Swarovski crystal and 24-carat galvanised gold chandeliers.

Without interrupting the flow of beautiful architecture and tradition we drove to Emirates Palace which functions as a hotel next to the Presidential Palace on a huge property but took only 3 years to build with the cost of 3 billion dollars. These buildings have such majesty yet calmness and peace. We sat down in the centre cafe to take in the nice vibe, there was live piano in front of us while we had some dates and my special camelcchino (espresso with camel milk and date syrup).

Time flies and we didn`t have time to make it to the falcon hospital so we ended up checking out the Mall – World Trade Centre which is a shopping centre separated by a bridge. One side is the traditional souk and the other side is a modern day shopping featuring the latest brands.

Enjoy the pictures above and on Instagram – they were taken of the city from Lulu Island.

And a little teaser from the aerial videos that we shot. Stock footage are available on Videoblocks and Pond5.