Welcome to Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates – announced the PA on Etihad Airways after 14 hours of non stop flying from Brisbane on their new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Got meeted and greeted by Sixt car (Engineered in Germany, made in Hungary, driven in the UAE by a Hungarian and Australian) then we indulged in a divine brunch at Yas Vice Roy and explored what Yas Island has to offer from the exquisite Marina, Yacht Club, Golf Club to the world class motorsport complex including the Formula 1 circuit and drag racing track.

The roads were like an apocalyptic movie scene. Having no cars on the roads allowed us to cross the lines while still getting used to right side driving. No humans were injured in the making of this blog and no falcons were collided during aerial photography.

With the sun setting the traffic picked up and our focus skills were tested. We munched on some delicious Lebanese traditional Manakich and Haloumi in the park at sunset along with some Arabic stray cats when the temperature was still around 38 degrees at 7pm. After that heat and sleep deprivation we just wanted to relax with some Moroccan massage. Then we booked one on the go not realising that it was for a gents spa. Strict rules apply, just like in other facilities where man are women are not allowed together.
Other than that we found people of Abu Dhabi very friendly, helpful and hospitable.

I’m ready to fall into bed after publishing this and uploading some of the still shots that were taken today.

Thanks for reading my first blog entry after day 1.
At the end of each day I will try to make an entry and post aerial photos here and some on Instagram which you can see on the frontpage Instagram feed at the bottom. I am also doing a lot of filming which will need to be edited before I upload them in the portfolio section of the website.

More discovery of Abu Dhabi tomorrow – learning about history and culture by visiting mosque, falcon museum and others…