After our day of extensive planning yesterday, we were so prepared for our 1st day at the new location – what we weren’t counting on is the rain!

As we travelled through the city & then the lush green countryside with our new wingman, our private driver Yoga, there were frequent checks of the weather satellites & plan B discussions.

Clearing up just in time we made it to the world’s largest Buddhist temple & got the shots we came for, with Horus gliding through the air like a champion, stealth in her mission to go unseen by the many revellers below.

With the rain gone & the sun now shining, the humidity kicked in & made for the perfect atmosphere as we arrived at an active volcano. Trekking the Lava Trails, we got up as close as we could, where our lead Jessica had to climb out of a channel on the mountain cut by the lava in the last eruption. Manouvering through spiderwebs & slipping on loose rocks, she made it up safely & I then went down for my shots, balancing with a camera in my hand.

A bumpy ride back down to ground level & we were back to our hotel to sit down over some more delicious local food & discuss the remainder of the script & celebrate successfully casting our male lead! Stay tuned for our official announcement soon.