After a blissful night of relax & recovering (if you don’t count the weird noises of the nocturnal native animals!), we set out on our next mission to shoot some heavy scenes.

Through winding roads & down a mountain we arrived at a peaceful lake with a magnificently eerie backdrop of a huge volcano. This became the setting for our main character to manouver a canoe towards a semi-submerged house. It took more than one take to get this shot while the fishermen on the land giggled at our actress as she could only go left. She needed one more pedal to make a little row boat.

The surroundings matched the storyline, finding ourselves in a place that can only be described as somewhere not for the faint-hearted.

Finding our courage we stepped off a small fishing boat & into the village of the dead, where we were surrounded by rotting corpses & human bones. Despite a few people problems we managed to complete the scene with time to spare…

So off to a bonus location this afternoon where we found ourselves in a magical grotto, a secret garden not many people know about. Bonus for us as it meant no interruptions, and we nabbed ourselves some pretty spectacular footage.