Another early start & off we were again, heading towards a sacred temple in what was an almost-eery setting next to a lake that was as still as the night.

Fortunate enough to have our government escorts, the temple was closed off for our private set, with only the crew allowed.

On board today we had:
Fight Choreographer – Grandmaster of Silat Bakti Negara, Gusman Wiranata
Stunt Actor – IB Anom Mustika
Stunts – Nuana & Komang

After a tranquil meditation sequence & master/student scene, a fantastic chase & fight scene followed & boy was it full of action in more ways than one! Our lead Jessica threw herself into her fight scenes full throttle & wasn’t afraid to get dirty, in literal sense, barefoot running through the Indonesian jungle, ducking & weaving through the thick foliage. Skillfully disarming the the first 2 jungle warriors, she got more than she bargained for with the 3rd, taking a shoulder roll into some not-so-friendly native plant that had her in an allergic reaction almost straight away. Fighting back the screams of agony, she bravely finished the scene before we made a beeline to the hospital.

Such a great team we had, the crew all came for support & once her medication kicked in we all went for dinner to celebrate a great day of filming & friendship at the beautiful Secret Garden restaurant.