So today our adventure began at the local “Empu” (Knife-smith) where we had our personalised Tiger-Claws (Karambit knives) made.

When the clouds set in & our driver was out of reach, we employed two locals we met at the Empu to take us on their motorbikes to our afternoon location. Much to our surprise & obviously another sign of luck, they ended up being local stuntmen so you can just imagine the epic ride we had with them through the city, in terrential rain, holding on to them & all our gear! It was meant to be, as with their skills & speed we were faster than the clouds & made it safely.

Arriving at a beautiful temple, we had less than a ten minute window to launch Horus to get the aerial shots, which was followed by a very wet knife-twirling sequence in the rain. Our Lead, Jessica picked up the difficult Karambit skills for the 1st time on the 1st take, never having even handled the above-mentioned weapon before – which turned out to be the most authentic scene in the film.

We bid farewell to paradise filming some farewell scenes & packed our gear up ready for the journey back to Australia, where local production will begin soon.

Keep following us as we are excited to share with you the next chapter of Daimonion.