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Xpeditionr journal



Day 1 on Filming Daimonion

Well shooting has now officially begun on my short film Daimonion…location Indonesia! The weather was on our side as we negotiated our way through some windy roads on cliff faces. […]

Africa, Kenya

Amboseli National Park in the foreground of Mt Kilimanjaro

The 5895m Kilimanjaro provides a dramatic background in Amboseli (Masai word for salt and dust) National Park that is famous for it’s many animals because of the swamp lands. Mt. […]

Africa, Kenya

Lake Naivasha and some tips for a Kenyan safari

Leaving Lake Nakuru in the morning after a beautiful breakfast at sunrise at the picturesque Nakuru Sopa Lodge. Heading from one lake to another, 90 kms later we arrive to […]

Africa, Kenya

Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Heading towards Nakuru after getting the daily African massage. I always wondered what that would be like to have beautiful Africans hands loosing my tight ‘zungu’ (white person in swahili) […]

Africa, Kenya

DAY 9 Masai Mara Safari

After breakfast at the Mara Sopa Lodge we began our journey in the Masai Mara Game Reserve, which links the world’s biggest Game Reserve the Serengeti in Tanzania. That is […]

Africa, Kenya

Through African plains and savannah

Karibu! Welcome to Kenya! The xpeditions continue over the Indian Ocean to East Africa. It was only a ‘short’ flight (5 hours) I had to take from Abu Dhabi to […]

Middle East

DAY 7 Wahiba Sands

From turtles to camels, from sea to sand, welcome to Wahiba Sands.Arriving to the Desert night camp it’s like arriving in an other world. Given that Oman is one of […]

Middle East

DAY 6 Muscat, Oman

Our day started in the early afternoon as we needed to get a little sleep after our delayed early morning arrival in Muscat. We were greeted by a friend, a […]

Middle East

DAY 5 – Musandam, Sultanate of Oman

Before leaving UAE we made sure our car was clean not just for the car commercial we had planned to shoot but also for Oman where a clean undusty car […]

Middle East

DAY 4 – Ras Al Khaimah / Jabal Sais

  DAY 4 From civilization to ‘desertization’ today we arrived to the Headland of Small Huts – Ras Al Khaimah. When we saw mountains emerging through dust we were reminded […]